About Gold Mines of Wales

Welsh Gold has a long running link with the British Royal family and The Royal status of Welsh Gold dates back to the Celtic Kingdoms where it was a badge of status and office. Welsh Gold is still today the Gold of choice for the British Royal wedding bands; The Duchess of Cambridge wears a Welsh Gold wedding ring following her recent marriage to Prince William.
Queen Elizabeth had her ring made from the native Gold which comes from the Dolgellau Gold belts reef system. Such was her love for Welsh Gold it has continued to be an extremely desirable rare precious metal.

Welsh Gold carries a premium that can run up to 5 times the international spot price. With much of ‘recorded’ production being used to manufacture Jewelry the premium has further increased with almost no pure Welsh Gold available today.

On the 2nd December 2011 it was announced that 49% of GMOWs shares were acquired by publicly listed company ‘CSS Stellar’ in return for 24.9% of their shares and £100,000 towards the operations of GMOW. CSS Stellar will contribute to 49% of capital required to explore for precious metals over the Dolgellau Gold belt.